#NO SHORTCUTS we feel best describes Scott's spirit of doing things the right way, for the right reasons. Swiss engineering, design and continuous development are just some of the major contributions to the success of the brand and why we choose them to be our partner.

Scott’s line of bicycles is extensive, and includes road, mountain and cyclocross bikes for every budget, as well as commuter and kids models.

Frame geometry is designed to be suitable for both speed and long endurance rides, offering riders maximum flexibility of use. Scott bicycles have a tradition of offering some of the lightest carbon bicycles on the market, adding value for riders that find their geometry offers superior comfort.

#Tag your photos of your journey and your own achievements that embody the “No Shortcuts” motto with #noshortcuts, and keep pushing your limits in order to reach that ever elusive next level.

Orica Green Edge / IAM Cycling / Sebastian Kienle and Nino Schurter are only some of the champions using Scott Bikes to win what is out there to win.


Storck, rethink what you ride: This prestigious brand has many award winning German Innovation and Engineering accolades. Storck bicycles are to be considered as one of the best and most desirable bike brands in the World.

Storck is the perfect match for our own German Heritage.

Storck produce innovative, pioneering, and award winning bicycles. Continuous further development of existing technologies, utilization of leading-edge materials, and excellence in design are Storck’s hallmarks. Many innovations that today are state of the art were developed, patented, and turned into marketable products by Storck.

End result, to develop frames and components with outstanding technical features.


Aero is always on - these guys are at the forefront when it comes to Aerodynamic Science on Bicycles.

The Cervelo P5 and S5 are perfect for the Fast flats of Dubai but don't forget there is the R Series for those wanting more acceleration climbing Jebel Jais or Jebel Hafeet.

Cervelo was founded on the principle of designing and engineering better bikes by combining all that knowledge into one frame. Aerodynamic drag consumes up to 80-90% of the overall resistance affecting a rider therefore through continuous wind tunnel testing and combining the highest quality materials to produce some the best bikes in the world.

Frederik van Lierde – 2013 ironman World Champion

Road - MTN-Qhubeka – first South African Based team to be invited to the Tour de France.


Are you looking for a "thorough bread" Italian race machine, then Colnago is for you.

Ernesto Colnago, the man behind this brand, with more than 60 years of passion to build the best most prestigious race bikes in the world. #MadeinItaly

Eddy Merckx / Johan Museeuw / Erik Zabel / Thomas Voeckler where just some of the Champions winning on his bikes.

A company with an Italian Heritage and one of the prestigious brands of all time. Colnago, arguably the most desired brand on the planet, has been producing race winning frames for the best cyclists in the world for over 50 years. From humble beginnings and through hard work, all the while with a deep respect for time-proven technology. Colnago has been successful in consistently providing professionals with the most reliable tools for their trade while simultaneously being able to offer the same machines to cycling enthusiasts of all levels.

Colnago’s bike range has everything covered. It’s comfortable, it looks good, it’s strong, it’s light and they simply look amazing.


The Ceepo bike brand is a very unique brand that was named after one of the greatest ancient Samurai warriors “CHEEPO”.

Say “Kon'nichiwa” to your IRONMAN " Battle companion" we love the innovative Design, light weight frame and cutting edge technology of their amazing bikes .These bikes are perfect for those wanting ....

Ceepo has quickly grown to become the leader in Japans Triathlon Bike frame market due to perfect aerodynamic shape The Ceepo bikes don’t just look fast, they ride Fast!

CEEPO frames were wind tunnel tested in some of Japan’s most advanced facility. Test data is then integrated into modification of frame designs and finish to achieve best aerodynamic frames possible.


As the French would say “savoir-faire” which means the ability to do the right thing in any situation. Time bikes are Handmade in France and these manufactures have a passion to build some of the most advanced bikes in the world.

The Time is write for TIME #MadeinFrance

Is it a race against the Strava records then Time Bikes will do the job right.

Time Bikes are Designed and Handmade in France with an astonishing 100 Tour de France stage wins .

This is a company that designs and produces all of its products in France and distributes highly technical bicycles and components.


We chose this brand for is industry leading technology and attention to detail. The German manufactured frame has recently received the German design award in 2015 and has been given very good reviews from well renowned bicycle magazines. Come in and lets help you customer build your lightweight Urgestalt bike today .

Lightweight is proud of its company history and can look back on a decade of engineering excellence and leading expertise in the field of carbon products. Back in the early nineties Heinz Obermayer developed the first ever all-carbon wheel in his workshop. Ever since then, manual work processes have been a key feature of the product portfolio, defying the tendencies of our hi-tech and digital world. The sharp eye for detail, the quest for perfection and highly precise work processes enable Lightweight to build the most exclusive wheels on which the best cyclists in the world have ridden to glory.

Road Bikes in Dubai

Wolfi’s Bike Shop is determined to show you the world’s leading Road bikes in Dubai through a careful selection process.

We choose to carry the brands we do because we believe that the varied philosophies of these companies help produce frames and bikes that continually outperform their competitors. Scott, Storck, Cervelo, Colnago, Ceepo and Lightweight provide complementing strengths which give us the best options to provide each of our clients with a customized fit and feel for their needs.

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We believe the brands below compliment our Road Bike Collection. Please enjoy.