Triathlon Bikes in Dubai

Triathlon is probably one of the hardest disciplines a sportsman will attempt in his or her lifetime.

Speak to any Iron Man finisher and you will appreciate the amount of effort, time and sacrifice that goes into preparing for a triathlon. 

At Wolfi's, we understand this. We use our expertize to ensure you get the right bike for your journey to excellence.

Where does it all start?
By asking the right questions.

At Wolfi's you can expect a team that will invest time into understanding your needs. To start the process, we use Radlabor smart bike fitting as our guide to ensure that we get the correct frame that your body's geometry requires, getting you the bike that fits you and not fitting you to a bike. This is distinctive Wolfi's as we believe the other way around is a shortcut.

Once the variety of possibilities has been established we start by exploring your needs, we take into consideration, geometry, injuries, history, build characteristics and what your goals are for the races in short and long term, as this will all affect your decision ultimately.

We will guide and assist you to make the best decision not only for the bike you ultimately choose but also the gear you need to reach your optimal performance and prevent injuries. Bike fitting is essential to ensure that you prevent injuries from either re-occurring or surfacing. 

We carefully chose the best brands in the business with a winning reputation, a variety for every cyclist and the best adjustability for ensuring you have the bike that fits your needs. Cervelo has TT bikes that span the reach from the infinitely adjustable P5X to the Iron Man Winning P2 and P3. There is a reason why at the gear count for every Iron Man, Cervelo has been the brand used most by Triathletes. 

Scott is synonymous with winning, world champion Sebastian Kienle and multiple Iron Man winner chose the Scott Plasma as its ride to the way to success. The same goes for the Brownlee brothers who infamously only chose Scott as a partner as they believed that its the only brand where they could gain performance. If its good enough for them, its good enough for us! Watch our "Wolfi's Talks" interview with Sebastian Kienle here as he chats about his life racing and the bikes which allow him to take his wins.

Looking for something unique? We also stock Ventum, CEEPO and Colnago. 

In Addition, we carefully chose the leaders in performance for accessories stocking brands like; Profile-Design, ISM, Zipp, KASK, Castelli and Lake. All of whom vested significant amount of research in improving speed, comfort and aerodynamics. The trinity of TT.  


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Our Triathlon Brands:

We believe the brands below will make you go faster.