Triathlon Bikes in Dubai

Triathlon and time-trial bikes are designed for one thing . . . and one thing only.

Speed! Go fast! As fast as possible.

For this reason Wolfi’s Bike Shop offers you a unique selection of bikes and frames to improve your riding performance.

From SCOTT and CERVELO we can offer you a selection of bikes from the Scott Plasma series or the Cervelo P Series. These two bikes are ridden by champions all over the world. They are the most aerodynamic frames on the market. The time-trialing geometry allows you maximum power output along with maximum comfort.

You can either choose a frame set and custom-build your bike or simply fulfill your dreams with the SCOTT Plasma Premium or the CERVELO P5 as a complete bike. You will be the envy of all your friends.

Storck have pursued a slightly different road when they produced the Aero frame. They wanted and achieved an aerodynamic frame with exactly the same geometry as their best road frame – the Fascenario. This lets you train and race in exactly the same position on the bike. Does this sound like a great idea to you? And with their Aero 2 frame, they have developed the ultimate in integration, with their carbon leaf spring V-brakes built directly in to the frame and fork. Now that’s German engineering!

This is Faris Al Sultan’s “weapon” of choice in for his Championship in Kona. Catch him if you can on one of our Friday Rides during their winter months, as he often trains in the UAE in the cooler weather . . . and he likes to join the Friday bunch.

Scott , Storck , Ceepo , Colnago , are the most aerodynamic and advanced frames on the market. The time-trialing geometry allows you maximum power output along with maximum comfort. These brands have won many prestigious titles and are highly rated internationally for the quality and pure performance .

When you come in to Wolfis Bike Shop our trained professionals will take some measurements and then fit you precisely using our Radlabor Fitting Bike. Thus you can be assured that the bike fits you perfectly.

Here at Wolfi’s Bike Shop we offer you the customer to have a bike fully customized, whereby we help you select step by step each part to build a bike that is unique and specifically customized for you. Part of our success is that we have partners that offer a wide selection of market leading models that makes it easier for you to make the right selection based on our selected product offering.

If you desire to have one of these bikes then come visit us in store and one of our Trained colleagues will take you through the bike fitting process by using our Radlabor Fitting system. Please click on the following link to read more Radlabor.

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Our Triathlon Brands:

We believe the brands below will make you go faster.