Women Bikes in Dubai

This women specific bicycle is light, agile and cost efficient. Here Scott ensures the ladies body geometry gets taken into consideration to assure the most comfortable ride. Included in every customers bicycle purchase we use our German Smart Fit Laser-Guided Boby Bone Structure Analysis System to ensure the perfect match between the rider and the bicycle. This is a great bike to chase the beautiful sunrises in the AL Quadra Desert cycling track or pedal around Nad Al Sheba cycle track taking in the view of Dubai and ofcource the great Burj Khalifa.

We all know that men are from Mars and women from Venus. What this really means is that men and women have different needs when it comes to choosing a bicycle and cycling accessories.

At Wolfi’s Bike Shop we recognize this difference and so we ensure that we have bikes from our Bicycles Partners particularly suited to women; whether you want to cycle with your children, win road races or compete in triathlon. We have lady’s specific bikes to suit your every need!

We are working with our German Partners from RadLabor and GebioMized to measure skeletal Bone Structure or Saddle Pressure in order customize the frame size and fitting to everyone personal requirements instead of "generalizing" between male and female riders. Taking personal measurements of a person gives us very valuable information what the most suitable bike for the person will be.

Our selection of bikes with different geometry data enables us to help you in the best possible way.

Our Wolfi's Contessas Racing Team and the Scott Contessa Ladies Team provide Scott and us here in Dubai with valuable feedback on all prototypes new technologies. They have tested every little detail for you to ensure when you get on your new bike everything will be perfect – sounds like fun job to us.

Women’s cycling in the Middle East has started to develop as there is a lot development to encourage woman’s cycling in the region. Activities like the Urban Ultra Women's Cycling League are supporting Female Cycling immensely. We feel that cycling is for everyone and if we can grow the woman’s cycling in the region we will continue to do so.

Come in and talk to our knowledgeable staff. Our female consultants can take you through all aspects of choosing the right bike and can then help you choose accessories suited to your needs.

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