So, you have given careful consideration to the type of bike you need, where you’ll ride, and who you’re going to ride with.

Now for the difficult decisions!

What accessories do I need to make my cycling experience more pleasurable?

Well, here are the basic rules . . .

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First and foremost is safety. Protect your head with a helmet that surpasses international safety standards. If you speak to cyclists, they all have a crash story they like to tell. Make sure that in the unlikely event that you have a fall on your bike, you are fully protected.

Next thing is water! Dubai, and the entire Middle East region is hot all year round. In summer it is very very hot. No question. Keep yourself hydrated at all times with either bottles or hydration packs.

And if you ride at dusk, night or early morning, make yourself as conspicuous as possible to all the other road users. A good set of lights will make you visible to other people. We have everything from tiny LED lights, right through to big powerful headlights that will light up the road ahead of you, and are also great for any night mountain bike rides.

Something all riders should have when heading out on a ride it a saddle bag with a repair kit and tools to avoid getting stuck out on the road and not being able to fix a flat tire, loose bolt or any basic mechanical problem. A saddle bag should consist of a spare inner tube (with a valve long enough to accommodate your wheel rim depth) , a CO2 canister with the inflator tool or hand pump to inflate the tube again, tire levers to take the tire on and off, a multi-tool to tighten and loosen and bolts or make adjustments if necessary during the ride and a basic inner tube patch kit.


There are numerous products that can help make your cycling more comfortable. And the more comfortable it is, the more you will enjoy cycling, and therefore the more cycling you will do. Simple!

Think of all the parts of your body that have direct contact with your bike; hands, feet, and your back-side. Now think about gloves, cycling shoes, padded shorts, and a better saddle (some may look strange, but they do work). All of these things can vastly improve your comfort on the bike. Give them a try and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try them before. Remember to protect your eyes as well. A good pair of sunglasses will keep out the harsh light and the flying sand.


We all try to make life more convenient if we can, so why not do the same with your cycling. A foot pump will save you time and anguish. Most of us need to transport our bikes by car occasionally, so why not look at a bike carrier designed specifically for your car? No more taking off wheels and trying to squeeze your bike inside the car. The carrier can also let you bring your bike into the WBS Workshop so that you never get your hands dirty, and your bike works perfectly. Now that’s ultimate convenience.

Cover up your bike when it’s at home to stop sand and sun (as much as possible) from damaging it when your not using it.

When the summer gets too hot for you to cycle outdoors, consider an indoor trainer from Tacx to keep your legs in shape till the weather changes. You can even “ride” many of the European classic rides from the comfort of your living room with the iGenius Multiplayer.


Whether you want to keep a record of your ride information, upgrade to lightweight parts, do some home maintenance, or just have something “cool” on your bike – we have something for you!

Computers come in all shapes and functions; from showing you your speed, right through to models where you can download all your ride information including heart rate, speed, distance, etc onto your computer for analysis.

If you want lightweight and Eye catching Style , think carbon fibre; frames, wheels, handlebars, seatposts, bottle cages, etc. If you want it, then it’s probably available in a carbon fibre version.

Let loose the engineer inside and do some bike maintenance at home. Cleaning, lubricating and adjusting your bike is made easier with a full selection of tools and products designed specifically for bikes.


To keep your bike in top working order, we suggest following the maintenance guidelines listed below. This will keep your bike running clean and smooth, while preventing premature wear to expensive components.

> Wipe down your chain with a rag after every ride.

> Relubricate your chain and other pivot points every 200 to 400 kilometers.

> Completely wash your bike and degrease your drivetrain every 800 kilometers.

> Around 2000 kilometers, check your suspension oil and brake fluid (if applicable) and do a general inspection of the bike including the wheels and brake pads. For tubes, and tyres, it's advisable to check them before and after every ride as most punctures happen because of debris already in the tyre.

> Come and see our shop every 4 months or depends on how often you use your bike for a tune-up.


And filtering through all of that are your performance goals; will you be a recreational rider with your family, or are you aiming to win the Tour de France?