Saddles are personal! Comfort = Time in the Saddle


Whether you are a recreational cyclist, commuter, dedicated cyclist or triathlete the most difficult decision to make on any bike, new or old, is your choice of saddle.

Saddles are personal. This component of your bike is one you never think twice about if it is great, but one you can’t avoid when it is not. Something so simple yet a huge key to actually enjoying your time on the bike or as they say "time in the saddle."

Because saddles are so uniquely personal, for many years the best you could do was trust your friends, your mechanic, and your bike shop buddy, then cross your fingers and dive in for a (usually extended) session of trial and error.

The best of recommendations from a friend or a professional might get you a saddle that works well for them but causes you pain. This is due to the unique variations in body topology and biomechanics from one rider to the next. Ideally one should invest in seat cream, proper cycling shorts and a professional bicycle fit. We offer all of this conveniently under one roof!

Most riders go through many saddles to find one they can really enjoy and then hang on to that saddle almost superstitiously for the next 25 years of bike changes.

At Wolfi’s Bike Shop, we carry the very best saddles we are able to find. We are working with Saddles from Selle Italia, Prologo , Profile Design,Syncros, INFINITY, and ISM. Choosing the correct one is made easy by special tools and a demo fleet. We also use brand specific tools such as the Selle Italia ID/Match smart caliper tool and the Prologo My Own fitting system to help us make the right recommendations. Come and see our well trained sales team to take these measurements for you to help you choose the correct saddle to assure you enjoy many happy miles on your bike.

We also have partnered with the German bio-mechanics laboratory Gebiomized, who have designed a system to find and eliminate the hot spots of pressure while riding. This system works regardless to brand of saddle, and many large companies producing saddles or cycling shorts are using the same system to help design their products. Take a look at this for more info This product/tool has helped us with many customers to improve their ride.

So If you are having saddle issues or would just like to find something more suited to your needs then feel free to pop in at WBS.

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