Travel and Events Checklist

Travel and Events Checklist

Preparing to Travel Abroad with your Bike

Hello Athletes, We hope your preparation for the big day is going well and you are all in full training. In the past years we have helped hundreds of Triathlete’s participating in many international cycling and triathlon events, and we wanted to give you some tips to prepare your bike for travelling to the UAE. Our Team at Wolfi’s Bike Shop is usually on hand to assist with any event in our region, but good travel preparation will make your lives (and ours) easier when you travel here, and you will travel to your event abroad with peace of mind. The checklist below starts weeks ahead of your event, but if you have done these things, you and your bike should be prepared for your journey, whether you’re traveling to the UAE, or going to an event abroad. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Train Smart.

- Wolfi and the Team


Before you Book your Flights

Don’t just look for the cheapest flight to your destination. Many budget airlines restrict your baggage size, and you may find yourself unable to take your bike on the plane!

Check with your Airline for requirements and restrictions on Luggage Size

Does the airline you're booking have a sporting goods exemption in their baggage policy?

If you are using Electronic Shifting components with external / removable batteries we highly recommend to remove these batteries from the bike and transport them in your hand luggage. This is to prevent them being held by the airline when you check your bike bag in.

4 Weeks to Go

Starting early enough with your preparations gives you enough time to make adjustments, and to avoid last minute surprises.

Get your bike serviced/checked/cleaned completely around 4 weeks before your event in your Local Bike Shop (or do it yourself if you have the skills.) Keep in mind that many shops are booked out for service well in advance during event seasons.

Order, buy or borrow your Bike Case. These can take time to get, so don't wait until the last minute.

If necessary, arrange a booking with your destination bike shop for reassembly and tuning of your bike, and order spare components specific to your frame. (See the last section on this page for a list of likely necessities.)

Check your seat post and headset bearings, aerobar armrests, aerobar clamps, pedals cleats, and other bolts and fasteners are still in good condition. Especially watch for corrosion from sweat, and parts bonding to the frame from corrosion.

Check the chain for wear with a chain measuring device. It is a good time to put on a new chain to make sure that the bike works well. Speak to your local bike shop if you feel this may be necessary.

Check your tyres for cuts and wear - if needed replace them.

Check your nutrition supplements. Make sure they are available at your destination, or able to travel through customs at your destination.

Make sure you have used your supplements in training before the day of your event to avoid an upset stomach on race day.

If you are taking a disc wheel to your event, we highly recommend the Zipp Disc Wheel Protector Boards when you pack your wheel.

When planning on renting a car on your trip, you can have a look into purchasing a "portable" bicycle rack to easily maneuver in and out of you luggage or bike box. The Sea sucker Hornet is the perfect solution to this problem as the bike rack consists of two suction based mounts that allows you to secure your bicycle in just a matter of minutes. For more information please see our recommended accessories below.

2 Weeks to Go

Practice with your Bike:

Ensure 4 week preparations are on track, and practice any necessary components of your trip.

Be sure to take photos of your setup, and measurements of your position.

Mark saddle height and bar position before disassembly.

Disassemble, pack, and reassemble your bike in its case or box. This ensures confidence in the procedure, and that you are not missing any tools or vital parts.

Ensure any spare parts ordered in Week 4 preparations have arrived, and are packed and ready.

Do long ride shakedown of your bike for any mechanical issues following the packing and reassembly process. If you have issues, have your Local Bike Shop explain what, why, and how to avoid them on your trip.

Check your cleats are in good working order, if they need replacing then do it during this week as you want to make sure the set up is correct.

1 Week to Go

Prepare your Bike:

Final Check and Pack

Do your bike's final race check in your Local Bike Shop (or do it yourself if you have the skills.) Be sure to clean your bike thoroughly before you pack it. It will help avoid customs issues, and your race mechanic will appreciate it.

Do a final check for spare components listed after this checklist, and confirm your booking at the destination bike shop if needed.

Do your final ride before packing.

Check your tyres for cuts and wear - if needed replace them.

Check the weather where you are going, ensure you have the right clothing to match the conditions you will be riding in - Gilet, Over Shoes, Arm and Leg Warmers, Base layers - you are always better having rather than wishing you had packed it.

Pack your bike, tools, and spare components.

Photograph your bike packing job before traveling, and have the photo available during your trip.

If you are riding electronic shifting, be sure to include your battery, a spare battery if possible, and your charger. With those of you who are riding SRAM eTap then please remember to remove your batteries and place these in your hand luggage. This is to avoid them being removed by the airline when you check your bike in at the airport.

Maintain your nutrition and sleep habits as much as possible while traveling.

On arrival at your destination, check your bike before leaving the airport. Damages discovered off premises are not covered by the airlines.

Enjoy your trip. :)

Recommended Accessories

In this section, we will list tools & spares which are good to have when you travel, for one reason or another. The first of these is a way to organize your kit, for each sport you will paticipate in. This helps make sure that you have everything you need when you get to the start, and that it is easy to do so.

For cycling holidays or events, we recommend the Zipp Gear Bag or the SRAM duffel bag. These bags are made to keep your kit organized and at hand, fast and easy.

For triathletes on the move, or other multisport athletes, we recommend the KitBrix bags. These detachable, sport specific bags are great for keeping the kit you need for each stage of your sport readily accessible, whether in the boot of your car, or at the transition.

See the details below.

Separate compartments efficiently carry clothing, shoes, helmet and small items to help keep you organized before your ride or race. This sturdy and versatile water resistant bag easily converts from backpack to duffel bag with its included shoulder strap.

Features include:

  •   Center compartment includes camera bag-style dividers to keep items organized.
  •   Large ventilated lower compartment for shoes or wet clothing.
  •   Adjustable helmet pocket.
  •   EVA top pocket.
  •   Side net for water bottles.
  •   Reflective tabs.
  •   Four Bottle pockets.
  •   Total volume of 56 liters.

These Highly versatile bags are the perfect item to take on a weekend race trip. With water and stain resistant materials they serve as the ultimate carry bags for all your race accessories. Multiple internal storage compartments make for a perfectly organized bag that allow you to store anything from water bottles to helmet. The Castelli luggage range offers unique features such as ventilated external pocket for shoes and wet clothing, helmet attachment loops and a semi rigid bottom for support and protection.

The Luggage range also meets most airline carry on requirements so keeping your accessories close should be no problem. With practicality and style combined there's no reason you shouldn't be going to your next event without your Castelli luggage bag.

Keep your energy bars and gels close to hand! No more searching round your pockets while you try to descend a tricky section, making it much safer and easier to stay fuelled up on your ride! Some of our energy bags are also large enough to carry a multi tool and your mobile phone, both essentials on longer rides. Most of the bags are attached with Velcro straps, making fitting them easy as well as making sure they are securely fastened to your top tube or seat post.

SeaSucker Hornet 1-bike rack is a small-scale revolution. Billed as the “Smallest Bike Rack in the World”, the Hornet is so compact that it fits into an included 9.5”x7”x3” zippered carrying case for easy storage and travel. The Hornet is far and away the most travel-friendly rack on the market, but it works equally well for everyday use.

The Hornet is our first “leave-the-front-wheel-on” bike rack. It is designed to mount to the back window of any hatchback, SUV or minivan using two of SeaSucker’s powerful 4 ½” vacuum cups (120 lb. rated pull-strength each) to hold the handlebars and hang a bike weighing not more than 35 lbs from the rear glass. Plastic ladder straps securely hold both road and mtb bars to the vacuum cups and make attaching and removing the bike a breeze.

Spare Parts & Tools


The tools listed here are commonly required for disassembly and packing, or reassembly of a road bike. Not all possible tools are listed here, and not all tools listed here are necessary for every bike. Following the recommendation for practicing packing during your “2 Weeks Ahead” preparations will ensure you have what you need for your particular bike.

A full set of Allen Keys or we recommend a Lezyne Port-a Shop Tool Kits designed for travelling. This Kit includes tools for basic maintenance and repairs. Convenient, canvas padded carrying case with zipper closure.

A set of 4 screwdrivers (#2 Phillips, #1 Phillips, 2.5mm Flathead, 4mm Flathead)

Chain tool which fits your chain

Torque Wrench (4-25Nm) (Does not work for BB)

Tire Levers, Patch Kits, Pump, Zipp valve extension and tool or CO2 inflators (CO2 cartridges may need to be sourced at destination.)

Spare Zip Ties of various sizes

Side Cutting Pliers


Source these parts as far ahead of your trip as possible. They may not be locally available, and they make take time to locate or deliver.

Components listed here are spares which may not be locally available. That means they are parts which are commonly specific to your brand or model of bike, or which are not normally carried in stock at your LBS. Aero bikes, in particular are known for frame specific parts, which can’t be sourced quickly or easily. Failure to bring spares of these parts may prevent you from racing, if your bike is damaged in transit or you have a mechanical failure. These should be sourced during the “4 Weeks ahead” preparations.

Derailleur Hanger

Seatpost (always good, but vital if it's an aero frame)

Seatpost Frame Clamp

Seatpost Binder Clamp

Pedal Cleats

Spare Cleat Bolts

Zipp Disc Wheel Protector Boards for Traveling