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Wolfi's Free Speed

What is Free Speed

Nothing guarantees Free Speed on the bike quite like a screaming descent down Jabel Hafeet, a hearty tailwind on Al Qudra Cycling Track or riding in the bunch with the Dubai Roadsters on a Friday morning group ride. Luckily, we have the next best thing for you. Try these Wolfi's Free Speed hacks on your next ride and you'll be flying like you have the wind at your back.

Removing dirt and grime from your drive-train could easily save you as much as 8 Watts compared to a dirty drive-train. Keep in mind that when you ride in wet or dusty conditions more frequently, you'll need to clean your drive-train more often than when riding in drier conditions. Did you know cleaning your drive-train regularly can also prevent skipping gears and premature chain wear. Its's important to clean your bicycle at least once a week, to keep it looking good, feeling good and making it last longer. When starting out it's important to clean your drive-train first before starting with the rest of the frame and components. This will save you time in order not to rewash your bicycle, as cleaning the drive-train can easily spray dirt on to the rest of your bicycle. Use our Finishline Echotech Bike Chain Degreaser and Finishline Mechanics Bike Brush Kit to effectively decrease your drive-train and rinse off with clean running water. Once your drive-train is completely cleaned and rinsed off with clean running water, you can now wash the rest of the components and frame with our Finishline Bike Wash products. Rinse your bike off with clean running water once again, making sure your bike is clean from any grease and grime. Dry off your bike thoroughly making sure you take a clean cloth to dry off your chain as you spin it through the clean cloth, this will remove any last bit of excess grime or grease that might have stayed behind.

Visit us in store for all your Finishline bike Wash&Lube needs and products.

Did you know, a dry chain can cost you up to 10 watts of power loss due to unnecessary friction? Once you have successfully cleaned your drive-chain with the FinishLine Echotech Bike Chain Degreaser, you will need to properly lubricate your chain with FinishLine's choice of lubricants, DRY, WET, WAX, CERAMIC WET, CERAMIC WAX, E-BIKE and 1-STEP, depending on the conditions you will be riding in. Each lubricant will have a different effect, so be sure to choose correctly, to prevent future corrosion and friction. For the dry dusty conditions experienced in Dubai, we recommend you lubricate your chain at least once a week if necessary with a DRY LUBE, this will insure that none of the dust and grim build up will occur whilst riding out on your favorite Al Quadra or Nad Al Sheba cycling track. At 25km/h and 35km/h a properly lubricated chain could yield you up to 1km/h of "FREE SPEED" extra during your ride. That's as good as having a helping push from your friend as you pedal along the straights from the "Stick" on Al Quadra.

Visit us in store for all your Finishline bicycle lubricants and products needs.


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Looking for the next level of riding experience, then look no further, introducing first to the UAE, CeramicSpeed UFO Drip. For starters, Ceramic Speed UFO Drip is not a lube, because it doesn’t remain a liquid for a long period of time, it's a coating. In half an hour more or less, after application, it turns into a solid coating on the chain, this would mean it is recommended to prepare your bike chain the night before by thoroughly cleaning and drying it for the first application. Conventional thought would suggest that a solid should be slower, but is actually what makes the CeramicSpeed the fastest coating on the market. Unlike Wet Lube and also Dry Lube, a solid, wax like coating can’t pick up debris from the road in the same way. So during your ride, your chain is less likely to get mucky. This is particularly great for the dry, sandy and windy Dubai conditions experienced on a day to day basis, which makes your chain attract more dirt and grim as you ride, but not with UFO Drip, your chain remains cleaner for longer, meaning less friction, in other words, more SPEED!!

The fact that the coating doesn’t pick up dirt from the road should also mean you get greater mileage out of your kit, that’s up to 53% less wear on pulleys.

The lack of dirt also means a lack of cleaning. You only need to lubricate you chain every 200km's, almost never having to clean the chain again and with up to 20 applications from a single bottle, this would mean up to 4,000km's worth of enjoyable virtually friction free riding.

For more information on Ceramic Speed UFO Drip please follow this link:

A word from our team: "After upgrading my bike to include the full package offered by Ceramicspeed, naturally, I was intrigued to see how the newest offering from the Danish company would perform. Ceramicspeed has tested the UFO Drip against all competitors and has proven to hold the least amount of friction on the drivetrain by a significant amount, 83% lower friction post ride. The company also claims that it is the only 100% dry coating on the market, they weren't lying. If like me, you struggle with keeping a balance of a clean chain and drivetrain wear then trust me when I say you need this product! My drivetrain is always completely clean with no grime or contamination, dry to the touch and outlines of the chain on my leg where its brushed past are a thing of the past. For you competitive guys out there, it doesn't take Einstein to figure out that less friction means more Watts saved ensuring you have that extra energy to push at the end of a race or be the first back to the car park on a Friday morning."

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People living in Dubai in the soaring summer heat of the UAE need to drink enough water to keep their bodies hydrated, With summer being the longest season in the UAE, not maintaining proper body water levels throughout can lead to possible dehydration.

Approximately, 70% of the human body is made up of water, so in order for organs and cells to function efficiently, the body requires water.

During the summer the simplest yet crucial tasks of drinking water while exercising outside, with temperatures soaring into the high 40 degree Celsius, there are increased chances of dehydration as fluids and salts are lost rapidly from our body. Don't miss out on drinking water during the day, by not being too caught up with your busy schedule, don't just drink water only when you are thirsty, but on regular intervals especially during vigorous exercising. By being properly hydrated you can increase chances of improving your performance on the bike. Make sure you are well prepared with enough fluids before your ride with a good balance between electrolytes and water.

10 Quick Hydration Tips:

1. Drink enough water in regular intervals. Water is the most important thing to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure you plan your ride properly with enough water point along the way in order to keep hydrated, especially cold water is better than warm water, as this brings down the bodies core temperature.

2. You can tweak your water intake by simply adding your favourite electrolyte flavour in the water, which makes it incredibly refreshing and gives a new taste to the water, with the added benefit of the electrolytes replenishing the body.

3. Avoid direct sunlight during peak hours whenever possible.

4. Pour cold water over your body while exercising, this cools down the core body temperature.

5. On days that are going to be hot, first thing in the morning drink 300 to 500 ml. of water when you wake up. If you have a lemon handy, squeeze some of its juice in with it. This wakes up your metabolism and replaces lost water from sleep. Plus the vitamin C from the lemon helps build resistance to catching colds and flues.

6. Consume at least 300 to 500 ml of fluid, water 1 to 2 hours before your cycling workout to get a head start. This is particularly important on the hotter days. If you are riding your bike on cold days try to avoid consuming large amounts of fluids in the morning before your bike ride. This is because in cold weather your body will want to reduce the supply of blood going around your body. It will do this by making you want to go to the toilet to get rid of excess fluid. If you do consume large qualities of fluid before your bike ride on cold days it won’t be long into the ride before you’ll want to relieve yourself.

7. Replacing fluid lost when exercising with an electrolyte drink. Evidence shows that people hydrating with plain water don’t replace electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride resulting in a dramatic drop in performance. Use a richer mix during the winter (because you are drinking less) and a weaker solution during summer (because you’ll be drinking more).

8. When cycling, drink before you get thirsty. Sip on the water and the electrolyte drink on those hot days. Ideally target around 1.25 to 1.5 litres of fluid an hour on really hot days. Everyone is unique so this still might not be enough on really hot days. Start by keeping your fluids up early on in the ride to help reduce the chance of dehydration issues later on in the day.

9. Hydrate and replenish after each and every bike ride. Do not just get home and have some water. You need to replace protein, carbohydrates, electrolytes, and water to recover your body and get it ready for the next days workout. And just a quick recovery drink isn’t enough, you have to pay attention and keep hydrated the rest of the day too. Finally, hydration is unique to you so experiment it find what works for you.

10. Your best way to gauge your hydration is by monitoring with these six simple markers: Use two fingers to pinch up some skin on the back of your hand, then let the skin go. The skin should spring back to its normal position in less than a couple of seconds. If the skin returns to normal more slowly, you might be dehydrated. Do you urinate less than three times during a normal day? Is your urine dark yellow? Does it have a strong odor? Do you get headaches toward the end of a long ride or shortly afterward? Do you drink less than one water bottle per hour while riding? If you answer yes to any of these questions, your body could be heading towards dehydration.

Remember – If you feel faint, dizzy or start to get a headache while out riding please stop and a shaded area, and seek medical assistance ASAP. Dehydration is a serious issue for athletes on hot days and can lead to medical issues.

*Visit us in store for more amazing hydration products, tips and expert advise!

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Looking for some extra "FREE" Speed for your new personal best on the Al Quadra cycle track or the Dubai Roadsters group ride on a Friday morning? We have you covered! CeramicSpeed have a wide variety of products that will make your bicycle more efficient , faster, and good looking at the same time. Their products include a wide range of bearings, bottom brackets, chains, and pulley wheels that can accomodate anyone looking to make improvements on their bicycle.

CeramicSpeed oversized pulley wheel systems:

The CeramicSpeed oversized pulley wheels system is the fastest in the world. This OSPW low friction system improves the drivetrain performance and efficiency.

CeramicSpeed pulley wheels

These smooth pulley wheels deliver lower friction and a 3-5 times longer lifespan. They also come in different color options.

CeramicSpeed bottom bracket:

The extremely reliable CeramicSpeed bottom brackets are low friction, stiff and durable.

CeramicSpeed bearings:

CeramicSpeed bearings helps to save energy and ensure you are riding fast ; they are also paired with CeramicSpeed balls that are pressed into the lightweight aluminum cups.

CeramicSpeed chain

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