Service Booking

How Our Service Bookings Work

Wolfi’s Bike Shop Service Center is often in demand 2 -3 weeks ahead of our daily schedule. Because this is true, and because we deal with a clientele which demands a high quality of service, we work on a booking system.

Bookings for routine services should be made about 3 weeks ahead of your need to have your bike completed.

If you are riding only occasionally, a service somewhere between 6 months and one year, depending on frequency of use how the bike is stored is recommended to keep the bike in good shape.

Routine services should be done on a bike at approximately 2500 kilometers of riding. Services left longer than this can cause damage accumulation from part wear, which may mean more necessary parts

If you are riding only occasionally, a service somewhere between 6 months and one year, depending on frequency of use how the bike is stored is recommended to keep the bike in good shape.

Bookings to have your bike packed for travel are especially important to plan in advance, since there is usually less flexibility on the time of completion. (Rewind: Planning to Travel with Your Bike)

We do this because it allows rapid turn around for you.

While you may need to wait a bit for your booking, you will have a mechanic expecting your bike for service. We will do our best to return your bike to you at the end of one day, barring the unforeseen.

That means that you can ride your bike for the time you wait for the service, rather than having it sit in our waiting room. :) It also means fewer bikes in our waiting room, at any given time, which reduces the possibility of accidental damage to your bike from contact with other people’s bikes.

For this to work, your bike must be delivered to our workshop by 9:30am, (or the day before your booking, if that is more convenient.)

Bookings can be made on the phone, via email, or in person.

We accept booking via every method of contact. Emailed requests are subject to confirmation, and may cause delays in response. If you are in need of a quick response, please phone us at 04 339 4453.

When booking your bike, it is helpful to have the following information available:

What is the Brand and Model of the bike?

How old is the bike?

When was the last service?

Are there any know issues? If so, what are they?

Is there a specific deadline for completion? (An upcoming event, for example)

Do you have any special requests for the service?

Bookings are subject to an evaluation of the work necessary on the bike. If the amount of time booked is less than the bike needs, your bike may be delayed.

We insist on doing good work, and on returning your bike to you in safe, and fully working condition. For this reason, we will evaluate the bike and determine the service which is needed by your bike. We will endeavor to make clear the difference between recommendations for comfort or convenience, and items we feel are necessary for the safety or work-ability of the bike. If we can’t come to an agreement regarding the necessary work, and we feel the bike will not be safe and work-able to a level which is acceptable to us, we may decline to work on the bike.

To allow this, each bike is thoroughly evaluated when brought in on the day of the booking, and we discuss the issues on your particular bike with you and make a recommendation on how to proceed.

If we feel that a service will exceed the value of the bike, we prefer not to do the service, barring exceptional circumstances.

Our experience is that bikes in this category often have needs which are not obvious, and so the cost often balloon during the service.

In addition, these bikes often can not be returned to perfect condition. That means that you would spend more than the cost of a new bike, and finish with a bike which is decidedly not new.

Exceptional circumstances would be, for example, a sentimental attachment to the bike beyond practical reason. In this case, labor will be charged per hour of actual work on the bike.

Most people, when they receive a bike back from service under these conditions, are not happy with the work they receive. We are not able to change make the bike as good as it should be, within anything like a reasonable cost, and as such, we end with unhappy clients. We don’t like leaving our clients unhappy.

Emergency bookings:

We are well aware of how painful it can be to be without your bike. :)

We want every one of you to be able to ride every day. To do that, like your dentist, we do take in to account how much pain you are in, when making a booking.

If your bike is not able to be ridden safely, we will do our best to get you back riding immediately. If we can do that by making a minor repair, and booking a full service shortly after, we will.

If it is necessary to do a full service to fix the issue with the bike which prevents you from riding safely, we will try to fit you in between other services, if possible. The evaluation of whether an emergency booking is necessary and also possible, needs to made in person, with you and your bike.

Have any Questions? Feel free to ask us.

Thanks for taking the time to understand why we work the way we do, and I hope we see you soon. :)